Create Comedy By Having A Comedy Collection

Create Comedy By Having A Comedy Collection

The "funny" thing about comedy is how many possibilities there are for laughs when you capture ideas.

It's the reason why many comedians advocate writing down your funny thoughts so that you can try them out on stage and see if they stick.

But how does one generate comedy ideas?

There are many writing rooms where comedians get together and bounce ideas back and forth until it becomes a movie or a sitcom.

Bands do something similar. If you've watched the Beatles Get Back Documentary on Disney Plus, you will see their creativity flourish through quarrels, jam sessions, and tight deadlines.

That's when it hit me, some of the best ideas occur outside ourselves, where we are just a cog on the creative system, or the glue holding ideas together.

BUT where can you find a creative writing group when the time comes to creating comedy?

And that's when it hit me...

If you're "serious" about how to create comedy consistently, consider starting a comedy collection.

Because the more you create, the more you can create, and in order to get the momentum going, that's going to take lots of ideas.

The same way we mix and match ideas through lists and Venn diagrams is the same way we can see the creative comedy already made to mix and match into fresh ideas.

For example, making a collection on Instagram with your favorite memes, starting a playlist on YouTube of comedy sketches, or a playlist on Spotify of your favorite comedy albums.

You can also use digital notepads on your phone or scrap book apps like Evernote.

Just like osmosis, comedy styles and ideas stick and get embedded into your writing style and begin to take shape in your comedy through influence.

And the more you add to your comedy collection, the more the ideas will be generated easily as you find the possibilities of funny that happen in everyday life.

This serves as a resource of idea generation where you can collect, connect and select!

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