5 Reasons A Podcast Will Benefit Your Comedy Career

Podcast Comedy Career

There are millions of podcast shows out there. And ALOT of them are created by comedians.

The good news is that comedy is alive and well in podcast land, the bad news is that many of them are inconsistent.

On today's blog post, I'll try to inspire you to jump into podcasting or to dust off that podcast channel and keeping it going.

Whether you're getting started or would like to stay consistent, podcasting at any level is a very high-leverage activity.

Here are 5 reasons a podcast will benefit your comedy career.

1. Getting Discovered

When it comes to personal branding, there's better way to add to your image than by adding a voice to your headshots.

A podcast can work as a broadcasting channel to convey your comedic thoughts for all to hear.

Consistent podcasting forms an overall archive of your work, allowing them to be accessed anytime from anyone.

Use this to your advantage and treat every podcast episode like a time capsule that can be discovered sometime into the future.

Create great headlines that make people curious, talk about your opinions on trends, go deep on topics of interest etc.

2. Growing an Audience

Comedy can be very transient. Meaning you can have a killer set one night, and after the laughter dies, you're back to square one. Forgotten by the people in the room - outta sight, outta mind.

A podcast keeps the conversation going, it allows those who enjoy your point of view to keep the good times going.

Whenever you podcast, it may feel like a one way conversation, but it's a conversation nonetheless that allows your audience to form a relationship with you.

Maintaining a relationship is how you grow a solid following. From selling tickets, to buying merch, and having subscribers come from word-of-mouth.

3. Building your Network

Apart from also being able to grow an audience through affiliation and collaboration on a podcast episode, you can also maintain the relationship with people in your areas of interest.

Interviews set up the right environment to ask questions that deepen relationships.

And it's a good way to keep in touch with those you'd like to have ongoing contact with.

People will remember how well that interview went or feel grateful to having an opportunity to express themselves through your podcasting platform.

4. Mining Creativity and Material

There are many ways to create something out of nothing comedically. But apart from Charly Chaplin, verbal comedy reigns supreme.

Podcasting being mostly audio, it is the perfect way to relay jokes.

For example, riffing about particular topic or current event can lead to a comedic insight.

Or if you are interviewing a friend and your laughing about a funny story, that can easily be transfered to the stage or extrapolated into a story you can share with people you meet at a cocktail party.

5. Content Creation

The most important function of a podcast is content.

It is a series of posts that keeps the pulse from your sense of humor going.

If you have a schedule or an archive of podcasts, you can stay up to date and it keeps your comedy career active.

An active online presence is what makes you relevant in your industry. To both potential audiences or those seeking to work with you.

It doesn't end there, anything you discuss on a podcast can be extrapolated into different forms of content.

Like memes, blog posts, stories, audio or video clips. Podcasts can also be derived from clubhouse or zoom recordings.

You can even do throwbacks and repurpose old episodes!

Podcasting when done consistently can have multiple layers benefiting your comedy career and anyone you make them for!

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