How to Network with Comedians

How to network with comedians

You can be the funniest person in the room, but if no one knows who you are, it's a one and done event.

To get far in comedy, you have to have the ability to make connections.

Here's some important benefits you can get from learning how to make connections with comedians:

  • Stage time
  • Podcast interviews
  • Material ideas
  • Access to their network of comedians
  • Access to their audience

One thing to keep in mind though, this isn't just for your benefit, this is a reciprocal interaction.

You have to give more than you take.

In this blog post, I'm going to show you how to network with comedians so that you can understand what it takes to make a genuine connection and grow your comedy career by association.

1. Understand their comedy style

You can quickly build camaraderie with a comedian by getting to know their comedy persona and respecting it.

Ask yourself what are they trying to accomplish in the public eye? Then complementing it with your acquaintance.

People in general want to be around that are actively helping them achieve a certain goal. If you recognize this goal, you can easily make a connection.

2. Understand their audience

Comedy styles attract a particular kind of audience, so be mindful of learning the dynamic between the persona the comedian is developing and the kind of audience that it brings to them.

From demographics, to location, to social media channel - learn how the comedian you're trying to connect with is drawing their audience, and the preferences of that audience.

3. Understand what they want

Every comedian has their own path towards success. Some might want to start a podcast, or shoot an hour special, or write 5 sketches a week.

Understanding the goals of your fellow comedians allows you to get attuned to their aspirations. Communicate valuable information to them regarding these goals and your presence will be beneficial to them.

4. Understand what you want

Now that you are in touch with the core values of a comedian, get in touch with yours as well.

Understand what your persona is in comedy. Get to know your sense of humor and the kind of audiences that will attract.

Lay out goals and aspirations you want to achieve and have a clear head while you pursue it.

A goal is easier to accomplish when you already have it clearly in your mind.

Ambiguity in your comedy career will only slow you down. Make sure you understand what you want.

5. Collaborate

Here's where the magic happens in Comedy Networking. When you link up your values with the values of comedians you're trying to connect with, you both win.

Best of all, the audience also wins by discovering a new comedian, or laughing when you both team up to create some comedy together.

Collaboration between comedians creates a whole new window of opportunity where all parties involved can get to the next level in their comedy careers.

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